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“Too Pretentious” Jerry Yan Among The Top 5 “Most Hated” Contestants On Call Me By Fire

Who else made this ‘hall of shame’?

Who else made this ‘hall of shame’?

Who else made this ‘hall of shame’?

Chinese reality talent competition Call Me By Fire premiered a few weeks ago and, like its all-female predecessor Sisters Who Make Waves, has proven very popular among viewers.

At the moment, Hongkong stars Jordan Chan, Michael Tse, Jerry Lamb, Julian Cheung, and Edmond Leung, who formed their own group called the “Greater Bay Area”, are among the most beloved contestants after winning the hearts of viewers with their highly entertaining performances.

However, netizens have also come up with a list of the Top Five “most hated” participants… and it includes Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan, 44.

1 of 5 What did poor Jerry Yan do?

According to Chinese media reports, netizens feel as though Jerry is unable to “have a breakthrough” since the first song he performed on the show was ‘Meteor Rain’ aka the soundtrack from Meteor Garden, the drama that made him famous 20 years ago. (Hey, what’s wrong with a little nostalgia?)

However, the main reason he’s being slammed is ‘cos viewers think he's “too pretentious”. Folks have an issue with how he “has opinions but won’t express them”, how he would just “hide in a corner and sulk”, and even with him crying during interviews (seriously!?).

‘Cos of these reasons, they believe that Jerry “isn’t suitable for this kind of competitive variety show”.

2 of 5 Terry Lin’s on the list too

Joining Jerry in this ‘hall of shame’ is Taiwanese singer Terry Lin, who was initially praised for his professionalism when he insisted on continuing on with the shoot even after he fell from the stage and sustained minor injuries.

Unfortunately for him, netizens now have a far less favourable view of the 55-year-old thanks to that whole aircon saga between him and his roommate, Chinese actor Vincent Zhao, 49.

To sum it up, Vincent revealed that they don’t turn on the air conditioning in their room ‘cos Terry claimed that it would make his throat dry, causing the latter to be criticised for being “selfish”.

Terry later took to his socials to clarify that it was actually Vincent who suggested that they turn the aircon off, but the damage to his reputation was already done.

3 of 5 GAI

The other three who have gotten into the bad books of Fire viewers are Chinese rappers GAI and Bridge, as well as Chinese actor Zhang Yunlong.

GAI has been accused of being “self-righteous” and “arrogant”. The 34-year-old once posted on social media, “I simply refuse to have anything to do with rappers who fly economy class.”

But back to the show, viewers did not like how GAI complained to Jordan about Jerry Lamb “disrespecting” Bridge by saying that he does not know him. GAI said that what Jerry said to his buddy made him feel “uncomfortable”.

Poor Jordan was caught in an awkward spot and could only apologise to GAI, but the audience felt it was unfair to Jordan ‘cos it had nothing to do with him.

4 of 5 Bridge

As a result of GAI’s actions, Bridge’s popularity took a hit as people thought that they were making a mountain out of a molehill.

Thankfully for Bridge, who at age 27 is the youngest contestant on the show, Jordan didn’t seem too bothered by being dragged into the issue and is often full of praise for the rapper.

5 of 5 Zhang Yunlong

A lack of outstanding performances and the fact that he’s always mentioning or hanging around Jerry Yan has given audiences the impression that Yunlong, 33, only joined Fire to fanboy and be close to his idol, and isn’t taking the competition seriously at all.

Photos: Call Me By Fire/Weibo

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