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TVB actress Samantha Ko once had only S$857 in her bank, which was not enough to pay her S$3.4K monthly mortgage

How did she manage to tide through that difficult period?

Anyone who is paying off their own property knows how important it is to keep up with those monthly mortgages. 

Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew, which is something TVB actress Samantha Ko, 36, can relate to. 

Samantha with her folks when she first got her new house

According to reports, Samantha, who moved to Hong Kong from Nanjing with her family when she was 13, bought her own house in Kowloon's Yau Tong back in 2015. She was 28 then. 

At that time, the actress paid HK$5.25mil (S$900K) for a 522 sq ft two-room apartment in the Peninsula East development.

"I was told that if you need [the house] and can pay for the downpayment as well as mortgage, [you should just buy it] and not bother about the timing! So I evaluated my finances and felt that I could do it back then," she said. 

It turned out to be a good investment as the value of her property has apparently increased by HK$2mil (S$343K).

Samantha recently shared a video on Xiao Hong Shu which revealed the interior of her house

That said, the actress had her fair share of struggles trying to pay off her HK$20K (S$3.4K) monthly mortgage. 

"I once went seven months without earning extra income, and my bank balance just kept dropping. In the end, I was left with around HK$5000 (S$857) in my bank. I cried!" said Samantha. 

She continued: "I was so stressed thinking about how I'd settle my mortgage. I had HK$5000 but I had to pay HK$20K!"

Thankfully, Samantha got some help from her family members before she eventually found more outside jobs to cover the sum. 

She is also doing a lot better financially now.

Two years ago, the actress reportedly bought a second apartment in the upmarket Cove Hill development, which is located in Hong Kong's Sha Tin district.

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