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Wang Leehom’s Ex-Wife Tells Him To “Stop Exploiting” Their Kids With His New Song, His Pal Defends Him And Tells Ex-Wife Off

Leehom’s ex-wife said “the truth will always reveal” while Leehom’s friend wrote the "truth is not what you want it to be".

Following Wang Leehom's successful comeback concert in Las Vegas last month  his first public appearance after his ugly divorce scandal with ex-wife Lee Jinglei, 36, in December 2021 — the 46-year-old singer released two new songs today (Feb 14), which just happens to be Valentine’s Day.

One of the songs ‘Xiang Jian Jiu Neng Xiang Jian', which can be translated as ‘Meet Whenever We Want’, was composed and written by Leehom for his three kids.

When he performed the song at the concert, the words "This is a song written by a dad to his kids, my kids. Dad misses you" were flashed on the big screen.

The lyrics express his longing for his daughters Jiali, eight, Jiana, six, and son Jiayao, four, who live with Jinglei, and how he hopes they can meet  whenever they want.

While fans were moved by his sincerity, Jinglei, is not buying it.

Just hours before the song was released, she posted on Instagram Stories: "I have always been watching... Stop exploiting the kids". At the end of the post, she hashtagged "Is it so difficult to remove your mask and be a human being" and "Truth will always reveal".

While no names were mentioned, many were convinced the post was directed at Leehom, including the singer’s pal and well-known manager Chiu Li-Kwan, who appeared to hit back at Jinglei on Facebook.

“Always? Really? Watching doesn't mean #youcanseewheneveryouwant, don't take the kids as hostages”, she wrote, along with hashtags “Because there is nothing that is hidden that can’t be revealed” and "Truth is not what you want it to be".

Leehom, Jinglei, and their three kids

The couple, who are embroiled in a court battle over custody of their kids, engaged in mudslinging online after Jinglei wrote about Leehom’s alleged cheating ways and abusive behaviour on social media in December 2021.

Leehom then claimed he was constantly blackmailed by Jinglei throughout their marriage and that she had asked for a $43mil divorce settlement and stopped him from seeing their kids.

They later agreed to delete their posts regarding the split so as to protect their family. 

Photos: Wang Leehom's work studio/Weibo, PBE Media

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