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Wang Xiaofei Gets A Stomachache On Live Stream After Trying The Food He Was Selling

He even had to go to the toilet three or four times.


Sounds like tummy trouble...

Sounds like tummy trouble...

Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, who famously split from Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu earlier this year, recently went on Douyin to promote his own brand of Sichuan cuisine.

The 40-year-old even gave a live demonstration on how to prepare the ready-to-eat packets that are sold at his restaurants. 

However, after doing a taste test of the boiled beef he had just cooked, Xiaofei, who was dressed in an all-blue chef's outfit, started to have a stomachache.

Believe it or not, he even had to make three to four trips to the toilet  while the live stream was still going on, mind you — leaving viewers in shock.

Xiaofei then tried to do damage control by explaining that he had caught a cold last night, and it is why his stomach feels unwell.

He then assured viewers that it had nothing to do with the beef, and that there’s certainly nothing wrong with the quality of his products.

Xiaofei also emphasised that Douyin has a very strict policy when it comes to vendors selling inferior goods and that he would have to make a nine-fold compensation, which he claims to not be able to afford.

He also said that the special price he's offering on the live stream is too low for him to make any profit.  

Xiaofei added: “If the boiled beef is expired, or if the products have any issues, I will refund you nine times the original price. Please rest assured [about their quality] and buy them; my stomachache is purely coincidental!”

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