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Bicycle shop owner offering ‘exorcism rituals’ molested 2 women and filmed acts

SINGAPORE — A secondhand bicycle seller gave massages and “exorcism rituals” for free in his shop, but his “services” turned to molestation last year.

The court heard that Ab Razak Ab Hameed offered to provide "exorcism rituals" for free at his secondhand bicycle shop.

The court heard that Ab Razak Ab Hameed offered to provide "exorcism rituals" for free at his secondhand bicycle shop.

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SINGAPORE — A secondhand bicycle seller gave massages and “exorcism rituals” for free in his shop, but his “services” turned to molestation last year.

When one of Ab Razak Ab Hameed’s victims wanted a massage and herbal medicine, he told her that she was possessed and that someone had performed black magic on her. He then sexually violated and filmed her during a “ritual”.

On Friday (March 13), the 66-year-old man pleaded guilty to two counts of molesting two women and two other charges of insulting their modesty. The victims cannot be named due to court orders to protect their identities.

Five other charges will be taken into consideration for his sentencing on April 24.

The prosecution is seeking at least 15 months’ jail, but Ab Razak’s pro-bono lawyer Gregory Fong asked for either a fine or six months’ jail due to his client’s ill health.

Ab Razak, who visibly struggled to walk in court and had to rely on a walker, recently had left knee replacement surgery and still suffers from spinal and hip issues stemming from his days as a firefighter, Mr Fong said.

The lawyer also said that Ab Razak did not understand why he had committed the offences, other than having been driven by lust and his own sexual gratification.

Second Principal District Judge Victor Yeo told Mr Fong to provide the court with his client’s medical reports, which could help to determine what the Singapore Prisons Service could do for Ab Razak.

For molestation, he could be jailed up to two years or fined. Offenders can also be caned but those above 50 years old such as Ab Razak cannot be caned by law.


The court heard that Ab Razak had a foldable bed in a separate part of his bicycle shop that was curtained off. He performed massages and exorcism rituals there, either alone or with an assistant.

People frequently sought his help for such services. The shop’s location was removed from court documents.

On May 25 last year, a 39-year-old woman visited him for a chat and agreed to take part in a ritual after he told her that she was possessed.

She had consulted him on six previous occasions when she was with her husband, who was not there that day. During those times, he pressed only her hands and feet to check her pulse.

But on the day of the offence, he told her to sit on a chair and not to open her eyes, then quickly lifted her shirt and bra.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Benedict Chan told the court: “The accused’s actions shocked and scared the victim. However, she allowed the accused to continue with his actions because she thought that the acts were part of the said ritual.” 

Ab Razak went on to apply oil on her bare breast.

During the ritual, she briefly opened her eyes and saw him fiddling with his mobile phone. He had been taking a video and several photographs of her naked torso and his sexual acts.

He later admitted that the ritual did not require her to be topless and that he did not ask her for permission to apply the oil, court documents stated.

When the victim heard him say “okay”, she quickly pulled her bra and top down before leaving. Court documents did not elaborate on why Ab Razak said this.


About a month later, on June 29, Ab Razak molested another customer when she arrived at his shop with her mother.

Similarly, he told her that she was possessed. Offering to perform an exorcism ritual on her, he added that he would apply oil to her body and perform prayers, then told her to keep her eyes closed throughout the ritual.

Before leading the victim to the foldable bed, he told her mother to stay outside the shop while holding a styrofoam cup.

He drew the curtains around the bed, told the victim to remove her T-shirt and loosen her bra, then covered her torso with a piece of fabric. As she lay face down on the table, he applied oil on her.

After a short while, he molested her while reminding her to keep her eyes closed while he said some prayers.

However, she opened her eyes and saw him holding his mobile phone. She quickly closed her eyes again and allowed him to finish the ritual.

He later told the woman and her mother that “spirits” were now in the styrofoam cup and advised them to flush them down a toilet.

The victim made a police report shortly afterwards.

After he was arrested, Ab Razak told a forensic psychiatrist that he was not professionally trained in performing “healing” rituals and had come up with them himself.

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