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#trending: Blackpink fans criticise fellow S’pore concertgoers for bad behaviour, 'worst’ concert experience

There were many fan-taken videos of the mega K-pop group Blackpink in Singapore and some disgruntled Blinks — the name for Blackpink fans — went on social media to criticise the lack of etiquette by fellow concertgoers during the show.

#trending: Blackpink fans criticise fellow S’pore concertgoers for bad behaviour, 'worst’ concert experience
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  • Disgruntled fans of K-pop group Blackpink criticised the lack of concert etiquette during the Born Pink World Tour concert in Singapore 
  • Concertgoers in the standing pens had their views blocked by mobile phones and had to endure the crowd jostling
  • Some of the audience members were even seen passing out during the concert
  • Blackpink member Jennie had to remind fans to put down their phones, so that the audience can “connect and interact” with the girl group during the concert

SINGAPORE —  Blackpink was in Singapore last weekend (May 13 and 14) at the National Stadium for their two-night Born Pink World Tour concert and there were many fan-taken videos of the mega K-pop group.

Some disgruntled Blinks — the name for Blackpink fans — went on social media to criticise the lack of etiquette by fellow concertgoers during the show.

Those who bought tickets to the more expensive standing pens near the front of the stage seemed to be particularly affected, according to a number of videos posted on social media.

TikTok user “joeychok”, who bought a standing pen B ticket, recounted that she could only see phones despite paying more to get a good view of the performance. 

"I gave up. I just put my phone up (to record everything)," she said. "I can't even see them at all, they look so small."

Her companion said: "I spent $300 to look at people's phones, for what?"

Standing pen tickets are the highest-priced tickets for the concert. Ticket prices ranged from S$168 to S$398.

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Calling it the "worst concert ever", TikToker “babyyblob” lambasted the concert crowd for being "selfish" and having "no manners or concert etiquette" for holding up their phones. 

“You all filming Netflix documentary or what,” she captioned her video. 

Even Blackpink member Jennie noticed the sea of phones, pausing midway through the concert to remind fans to put down their phones and enjoy the concert. 

"I must say, I'm seeing more cellphones than faces today. So... I don't know if I like that. So, for the last two songs, I want everyone to connect and interact with us, and sing and dance, and just party. Okay?"

To top it off, one concertgoer even held up a folded paper fan during the concert, presumably to show off a slogan on it, which squarely blocked the view for the people behind.

In a desperate attempt to regain a clear view of the stage, a person behind the fan-wielding concertgoer screamed: “Put down your fans, please”.

Fans at the standing pen also had to grapple with other issues, including having to jostle with a rowdy crowd, in the midst of people reportedly fainting at the venue. 

Tiktok user “justkeepthinking” said that she had to join in with the jostling, in order to have a good view of the performance.

"The moment you are nice, you will be pushed out of the very area that you paid a lot of money for," she said. "It's every man for himself.”

Even Blackpink's Rose seemed to have noticed the pushing, asking fans not to push during the show. 

“Maybe just try not to push, that would be great for us,” the singer was filmed saying. 

TikTok user “yappiej” echoed similar sentiments, posting on her acount that she regretted getting VIP tickets. She gave several reasons, including her view being blocked by phones, concertgoers pushing and shoving, and added that she even spotted "many" fans fainting during the concert. 

A TikTok video showed a concertgoer being wheeled out of the crowded standing pen area in a wheelchair by paramedics during the concert.

Not everything was all bad, however, as an adorable interaction between an usher and fans was caught on camera before the show.

The middle-aged usher, holding a “Don’t push” sign, was seen vibing along with fans to Blackpink’s music even though he claimed that he “doesn’t know how to sing (the songs)”.

A football fan was spotted multi-tasking during the concert, watching a football match between Everton and Manchester City while filming the performance on his phone in split-screen mode.

The football match between the two England clubs kicked off on Sunday at 9pm, halfway through the concert.

More than 100,000 fans attended the Born Pink World Tour concert over the weekend, at a time when there were record-breaking temperatures in the city. 

Some Singapore artistes and personalities spotted at the concert included actresses Jeanette Aw and Carrie Wong, actor Desmond Tan and deejay Jean Danke.

Actresses Denise Camillia Tan, Tay Ying, Kayly Loh and deejay Hazelle Teo also attended the concert as a group. 

Blackpink last performed here in 2019 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The girl group is slated to perform next in Macau, China on May 20 and 21 for their world tour. 

After the concert, Blackpink's Lisa was spotted dining at The Seagrill, a bistro bar along Changi Beach. A video by TikTok user "laychinok" posted on Sunday showed the artiste having dinner in a group. 

Comments under the video suggested that Lisa was visiting a relative who was working in the restaurant. The restaurant said that Lisa was there to visit her uncle, who is working as a head chef at the restaurant, MustShareNews website reported.

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