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Cladding panels removed from pillars at bus stops near Punggol MRT after complaints over design

The Punggol bus stop columns before modifications were made.

The Punggol bus stop columns before modifications were made.

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SINGAPORE — View-obstructing columns at bus stops near Punggol MRT station have been modified to be made narrower, following complaints by commuters. 

"To improve visibility of incoming buses for commuters at the bus stops near Punggol MRT, we have removed the cladding panels around a few support pillars," the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Tuesday (Oct 18) in response to CNA's queries. 

It added that work began in mid-October and will be completed by the end of the week. 

"We will continue to monitor feedback from commuters. Early feedback has shown that visibility of incoming buses has improved," said LTA.

The issue made the news last month after a commuter took to social media to complain that his view of incoming buses was blocked by the bus stop columns.

LTA explained then that the widths of the two Punggol bus stops are "slightly narrower" than a typical bus stop because they were converted from passenger pick-up and drop-off points.

"The bus stop columns are located at the front due to the existing drain that runs behind the bus stops," said LTA. "Given the site constraints, moving the columns behind the bus stop would require the entire structure, including the drainage system, to be reconstructed."

According to a report by 8world on Monday, the viewing angle has significantly improved after modifications to the original columns.

A commuter, identified in the report only as Miss Fang, said that while the visibility of incoming buses has improved, she hopes that authorities will further reduce the width of the columns. 

Echoing this was a commuter identified only as Mr Chen, who said that despite the modifications, he still found it difficult to see the buses from certain angles.

LTA said in September that had it worked with transport operators to remind bus drivers to slow their vehicles down when approaching the bus stops in question. 

The agency also said then that improvements would be made to the bus stops where feasible. CNA 

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