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GE2020: Red Dot United

GE2020: Voting for the first time and knowing next to nothing about the various political parties in Singapore? Get to know them and their new candidates in our General Election (GE) series.

GE2020: Red Dot United
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  • Started by Mr Ravi Philemon and Ms Michelle Lee after leaving the Progress Singapore Party (PSP).

  • It was registered as a political party on June 15, three weeks after submitting its application to the Registry of Societies. 

  • The party logo is a stylised symbol of a compass in red and white. 

  • Its mission statement is: “Politics with Principles, Vision with Values”. Its leaders have said that the party will not be “centred on personalities” and its goal is to “build a political-social platform” and not just be “another political party”

  • The party now has 12 members and will be focusing on youth engagement beyond the General Election


GE2020: Red Dot United unveils final GE candidate, theatre director Alec Tok 

GE2020: Red Dot United presents 4th candidate, a 28-year-old legal engineer

GE2020: Red Dot United unveils 3 candidates for Jurong GRC, but will 'happily give way’ if there's a three-cornered fight

Red Dot United will contest in Jurong GRC at next GE, if it remains unchallenged


Ravi Philemon, 52

Mr Philemon works in the media industry, having served as the chief editor of The Online Citizen and as lead editor of The Independent Singapore. Before joining PSP in July last year, Mr Philemon was a member of the National Solidarity Party (NSP) and before that, the Singapore People’s Party (SPP). He is now the secretary-general of Red Dot United.

“We believe Singaporeans should have more say over the use of their money, including their Central Provident Fund savings. Rather than taking money from the Singapore citizen and company in so many ways... We should allow the people more control over their consumption and investment, thus boosting the economy.” 

Michelle Lee, 43

Ms Lee has worked as a markets and investment officer at the Monetary Authority of Singapore and also in the banking industry. She switched to the education sector and taught at government schools, before becoming a private teacher. Ms Lee was formerly a member of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), and was an SDP candidate for Holland-Bukit Timah Group Representation Constituency (GRC) during the 2011 General Election. She is now chairman of Red Dot United.

“(Our goals are) to affirm the value of each Singaporean and to champion a Freedom of Information Act to ensure accountability, more choices for Singaporeans to empower them with hope, more equality of opportunity and help for the disadvantaged and our elderly.” 

Liyana Dhamira, 33

Ms Liyana is an author and founder of administrative service startup Virtual Assistants Singapore. There was a period when she was homeless and wrote the book “Homeless: The Untold Story of a Mother’s Struggle in Crazy Rich Singapore” to share her experience. The mother of four said that she seeks to tap these life experiences to champion families, entrepreneurs and the marginalised in Parliament. 

“There is a need to raise the level of political accountability in Singapore. This requires a balanced political sector, an active civil society and engaged citizens. I’m committed to enhancing all three.” 

Nicholas Tang, 28

Mr Tang is a legal engineer at law firm Pinsent Masons MPillay LLP. He is interested in political and social issues, and believes that the experiences and challenges he faces as a young Singaporean in an increasingly daunting and globalised world are representative of others his age. His goal in entering politics is to better understand the problems of his peers and help improve the lives of future generations.

“From the manicured gardens and spotless streets built on the backs of cheap migrant labour, to the banning of personal mobility devices — all these hide an underlying issue: That we need more empathy for the problems faced by some of the least well-off residents of our population. This empathy must be reflected in both our policies and mindset.” 

  • Mr Alec Tok, 55

Mr Tok is a theatre and film director. He has directed local films such as 12 Storeys, and was heavily involved in theatre productions such as December Rains and Nanyang: The Musical. Mr Tok was previously a member of the Singapore Democratic Party, together with RDU founder Ms Lee. He contested the 2011 GE as a candidate for Bukit Panjang Single Member Constituency. Mr Tok said he hopes to create awareness of the "challenges of bringing up a family in a fast-changing job-scape" if he gets elected, given that he is a father of young children. He also wants to focus on increasing job prospects and wages for Singaporeans, especially for those who have lower educational qualifications.

“I believe in Singapore and Singaporeans. We have come this far because different ideas were allowed to contest and compete to shape our economic, social and security landscape," he said.


  • Jurong GRC


Did not take part in the elections.

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