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#trending: Kids doodle all over S'pore family car, netizens warmed by the sight

SINGAPORE — In a TikTok video posted on Monday (June 27), a white car is pictured almost fully covered in colourful doodles. It has been viewed more than 84,400 times, with social media users admiring the "limited edition" paint job.

A video showing a white Mazda 3 sedan covered in colourful kids' doodles has gone viral on TikTok.
A video showing a white Mazda 3 sedan covered in colourful kids' doodles has gone viral on TikTok.

SINGAPORE — A TikTok video of a white car almost fully covered in colourful doodles done by children is gaining attention and also approval from other users on the platform.

Some were even admiring the "limited edition" paint job seen in the video that was posted on Monday (June 27) with the caption, "What a loving father would do".

Uploaded by TikTok user "adventurefinds", the video — which has been viewed more than 84,400 times — shows a white Mazda 3 sedan publicly parked in what appears to be a Housing and Development Board car park alongside other cars bearing Singapore registration plates.

Every side of the Mazda is seen with random drawings and sketches of hearts, rainbows, stick figures, stars and more.

Even the door handles have been embellished with children's names.

TikTok users were heartened by the adorable sight, calling it a "priceless work of art" and asking "where to get this paintwork". 

Some were amazed at seeing the car in real life, saying that they "would like to see more of these on the road".

One top comment read: "You can buy another car, but you can never have your kids being kids again after they grow up."

Another declared: "This is limited edition to the car owner only. Money cannot buy, lor!"

Many people commended the parents for being "willing to retain the drawings" and even encouraged them to get a clear coating to protect the artwork.

Referring to the former Formula One racer, one person remarked: "This is like Romain Grosjean's IndyCar debut helmet. Cute!"

In December 2020, Grosjean posted photos on Twitter of a helmet designed by his three children. Like the car, the white helmet was covered with colourful drawings.

Calling it "the most beautiful helmet (he) could ever imagine", he later wore it for his first IndyCar test in February last year.

There were TikTok users who observed that some of the drawings did not seem to be done by a child, and suggested that the artwork had been done by the entire family.

In one frame, a family of stick figures can be seen, with a father, mother and two young children. On the back of the car, numerous Tic-tac-toe grids were drawn.

The top comment on the video read: "Just looking at it as a stranger, I see how the parent and child had spent an amazing time together and created unforgettable memories from this."

Others had a more practical viewpoint: "Best part is, if bird **** hits the car you don't know (if) it's art or ****."

Another said: "Confirm from far you (will) know it's your car." 

In November last year, TikTok user "silenthustle68" posted a similar video of his daughter's drawings on his white Audi car. The video got 3.1 million views.

One message scribbled on the car bonnet read "I love Papa", melting the hearts of viewers who similarly urged the man not to remove the drawings.

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