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#trending: 'Selfish' S'poreans or 'entitled' parents? Netizens debate after dad with stroller slams MRT commuters for not giving way at lift

#trending: 'Selfish' S'poreans or 'entitled' parents? Netizens debate after dad with stroller slams MRT commuters for not giving way at lift
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  • A father took to TikTok to voice his displeasure at commuters who did not care to give way to him to board the lift even though he was travelling with a stroller
  • Finding it "strange", the man highlighted that parents with strollers, along with the elderly and pregnant woman, should be given priority 
  • Netizens are divided about the topic, with some sharing his frustrations while others felt that he was being entitled 

SINGAPORE  — Do parents with strollers get priority in boarding lifts at MRT train stations? Netizens are divided over this question after a father posted his struggle to get on a passenger lift with his stroller when no one gave way to him. 

Mr Pavel Semenov posted about his negative encounter at Caldecott MRT Station on TikTok last Friday (March 31). 

In the video, Mr Semenov films himself pushing a twin stroller with two children on it. 

A group of commuters were shown crowding around the lift despite signs reminding commuters to give way to priority passengers. 

Speaking in Russian, Mr Semenov said in the video: “Short video about what priority queue is in Singapore.”

He highlighted the priority queue sign, which gives elderly, pregnant women and parents travelling in strollers priority to board the lift first.

Priority queues have been implemented by transport operator SMRT since 2016.

At one point, Mr Semenov sighed heavily and said: “Metro in Singapore, in principle is convenient in everything. But unfortunately, people here are very strange.”

As the lift descended to the basement floor, the crowd immediately squeezed into the lift, paying no heed to Mr Semenov and his children. 

In his caption, Mr Semenov even tags “Give Way Glenda”, the Land Transport Authority’s mascot to encourage passengers to give way to passengers alighting the bus or train. 

TikTok users in the comments section are divided over the issue.

While some are empathetic towards Mr Semenov’s plight, others felt that he was entitled in believing that he should be given priority.

The video received over 20,000 views and close to 400 comments as of Thursday (April 6). 

One commenter could relate to Mr Semenov’s plight: “How disappointing…I, as a Singaporean, have experienced this myself.”

“I’m sorry for this ugly behaviour. Some of us here think we own everything,” said another.

One other person gave this criticism: “Common and selfish! They disregard the elderly and every one just rushes right in like a zombie apocalypse.”

On the flip side of the discussion, some netizens share the opinion that Mr Semenov isn’t entitled to priority usage of the lift. 

“Can anyone explain why you can’t take the escalator instead? It’s one level up. By the time you wait, you could have reached,” asked a TikTok user.

A couple of TikTokers felt that he should wait his turn: “Are you in a hurry? Any emergency? If not then wait for your turn, thank you.” 

A netizen shared some sagely advice for Mr Semenov, who does not seem to be native in Singapore: “In Singapore, you need to open your mouth to ask for help or to get what you want. People will most likely oblige.”

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