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49-year-old preschool staff among 373 new Covid-19 cases

SINGAPORE — Singapore confirmed 373 new cases of Covid-19 on Thursday (May 28), the Ministry of Health (MOH) said in a statement.

SINGAPORE — Singapore confirmed 373 new cases of Covid-19 on Thursday (May 28), the Ministry of Health (MOH) said in a statement.

This brings the total number of infections here to 33,249.

In its daily update, MOH said there was one case in the community — a 49-year-old Chinese national whose case was picked up as a result of “proactive screening of preschools staff”.

The woman — identified as Case 33,092 — is a “local unlinked case” and was asymptomatic, MOH said.

The health ministry said that it will conduct a serological test to determine if this was a past or current infection.

There were no new cases involving Singaporeans or permanent residents. Neither were there any imported cases. Apart from the preschool staff, the remaining 372 cases were linked to the foreign workers living in the dormitories.

“We continue to pick up many cases among work permit holders residing in dormitories, including in factory-converted dormitories, because of extensive testing in these premises, as part of our process to verify and test the status of all workers,” MOH said.

MOH said that the number of new cases in the community has decreased, from an average of six cases a day in the week before, to an average of five a day in the past week.

It added that the number of unlinked cases in the community has remained stable at an average of two a day in the past two weeks.

“We will continue to closely monitor these numbers, as well as the cases detected through our surveillance programme,” MOH said.

The health ministry also identified two new clusters of infections. They are located at dormitories at 15 Kaki Bukit Road 4 and 31 Kranji Crescent.


MOH said that more than 39,000 preschool staff have so far been tested as part of its proactive screening. Of these, MOH said that 13 staff had tested positive using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, which is a sensitive test that could pick up minute fragments of the Covid-19 virus ribonucleic acid (RNA).

“To determine if these were past or current infections, MOH has done an epidemiological study of these cases”, the health ministry said.

Of the 13 cases, 11 of their serological tests have come back positive, which is indicative of past infections, MOH said.

“These individuals were unlikely to be infectious by the time they were tested during the recent screening, but could be shedding minute fragments of the virus RNA, which were no longer transmissible and infective to others. Two test results are pending, including (Thursday’s) case,” MOH said.


In all, MOH said that 18,294 have fully recovered from the Covid-19 infection and have been discharged from hospitals or community care facilities, including the 1,018 patients discharged on Thursday.

There are currently 510 confirmed cases who are still in hospital.

Of these, most are stable or improving, and seven are in critical condition under intensive care.

MOH said that 14,422 patients are isolated and cared for at community facilities. These are those who have mild symptoms, or are clinically well but still test positive for Covid-19.

Twenty-three people have died from complications due to Covid-19 infection.

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