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#trending: Video of Cambodian SEA Games volunteers queuing to take photos with 'tall and cute' Singapore cricketer goes viral

Singapore athlete Raoul Sharma won the hearts of Cambodian volunteers at the SEA Games, who lined up to take photos with him.

#trending: Video of Cambodian SEA Games volunteers queuing to take photos with 'tall and cute' Singapore cricketer goes viral
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  • A Singapore cricketer at the SEA Games won some fans over with his good looks
  • Volunteers at the SEA Games approached Raoul Sharma for pictures as they collectively had a “crush” on him
  • The TikTok video has became viral, receiving 1.2 million views in five days

CAMBODIA — Singapore athlete Raoul Sharma is not only winning medals but also hearts at the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games held recently in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The 19-year-old represented Singapore in the men’s cricket squad and they won the gold medal at the sixes cricket tournament on Monday (May 15).

And now, it seems like Sharma has caught the eyes of some Cambodian volunteers at the SEA Games.

In a now-viral TikTok video that boasts at least 1.2 millions views and counting, several SEA Games volunteers are seen approaching Sharma for a photo. 

The video captioned “when all the volunteers crush on the same athlete” shows a female volunteer bashfully running up to Sharma to ask for a photo.

Volunteers then took turns taking a photo with him, striking various creative poses and with fingers making the sign of a heart to boot.

One volunteer even gave Sharma a hug, while those watching on the sidelines erupted into loud cheers.

Sharma, who looked slightly sheepish from all the attention he was receiving, returned the hug with a couple of pats on the shoulder.

Sharma told The Straits Times that he had "no idea what was going on".

"I just stepped out of my team tent to go to the toilet when one of the volunteers ran up to ask me to take a picture with them,” he said.

He snapped pictures with around 20 to 30 Cambodian volunteers, who were very “forthright, kind and friendly”, he added.

Admitting that he only knew about the video when a friend sent him the link, Sharma said: “Some of my friends who have seen the video are pulling my leg over this, but for me, it’s just a funny and unique thing to experience".

The TikTok video posted last Saturday, garnered a positive reaction online as viewers relished the adorable interaction between Sharma and his fans.

Many agreed that the athlete, who stands at 1.88m tall, is “cute” and “tall”, with some asking for information on where to watch his games. 

The 32nd SEA Games ended on Wednesday. Team Singapore brought home a total of 158 medals, of which 51 were gold medals. The Singaporean athletes also set eight Games records, along with 17 national records and 40 personal best milestones.

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