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Move to plant 1 million trees over next decade laudable, but how about those that were cleared in the first place?

The Government announced this week that it will plant an average of 100,000 trees each year for the next 10 years. Here are TODAY readers’ reactions.

Second Minister for National Development Desmond Lee announced this week that the Government will plant one million trees over the next 10 years, double the pace of 50,000 a year now. Many TODAY readers welcome the announcement, but some lament that many trees have been cut to make way for housing and infrastructure development.

Sure get lots of support, a good initiative! PAMELA SIM

Then why destroy the current forest at Bukit Batok for housing development? It is too hot now. SUBULETCHMY SUBA

Please also provide the statistics on how many trees you are cutting down too. That would put things into perspective. EDGAR WONG

I was sad when I saw beautiful trees with thick foliage in a park being cut down to make way for an MRT line. These trees took years to become so beautiful and gave shade and healthy benefits to mankind and living things. Hope the relevant authorities would plan and consider the appropriate places for planting and not to cut down the trees when they are in a stage of healthy growing. LINDA CHOW

Nothing will replace the natural forests which are sacrificed for redevelopment. We already have so little left. MORHAN RAAJ RAMASAMY

Morhan Raaj Ramasamy I agree. Which is why I think this is good news that more trees are being planted. From what I've seen so far, anytime a nature reserve is disturbed, efforts will be made to provide an alternative solution for native fauna to still reside in the same environment with as little disruption as possible. JON LIN

Jon Lin planting new trees is moot when we still clear forests with existing fauna GOH GUO HUA

Though it’s not natural forest, I still love Singapore because it is so green. SHIELA SAHILA

You guys need to start appreciating what you have because we are already very fortunate compared to neighbouring countries. DARREN PACHAI

To people who diss this: Yes, they get rid of natural forests to build new towns, but this planting of a million trees and addition of park connectors is better than nothing. KIM FOONG FOO

If the plants are not near enough and they choose those with sparse foliage or are not dense, you end up with hardly any shade and cooling effect. Worst of all, in the dry season, you have to water frequently, and in recent decades we have nine hot months each year with rising temperatures. If you have a forested area, there is water retention and cooling effect, and you don’t really have to water the area. ANDY WEE

I think those cynics here should take a look at what is happening in the Amazon and stop complaining. Our island is small and land is scarce. We are only trying the best we can to make way for affordable housing and recreational space for all. I’m happy to see these efforts by the Government. ASTRID KONG

Unlike many countries where their trees are naturally grown and well rooted, many of the trees in Singapore are not. As Singapore is experiencing stronger wind in recent years, I hope the Government will look into this and ensure the safety of the people and vehicles. ESTHER LEE

Plant trees, you complain. Don't plant trees, you also complain. Anyway, I support this initiative from the government. TENG SWEE TIAN

Please plant trees with coloured leaves and those that will bloom with flowers so that the whole area will be colourful. SIEW H WAN 

There is good and bad. There will be more bird droppings, just look at Orchard Road and the noise made by the birds. RICHARD CHUE

If the government is willing to spend that much then it should just uproot the trees and transport them to elsewhere for planting and not cut them down. It'll take many many years just to grow to an adult tree, many won't live to see it full grown. GERARD TAN

These comments were first posted on TODAY’s Facebook page. They have been edited for clarity, accuracy and length.

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