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Inside Tony Leung and Carina Lau’s gorgeous S$16 million May Tower mansion

HONG KONG — Hollywood may have Jay-Z and Beyoncé as its power couple, but Hong Kong boasts a dynamic duo of its own: veteran actors Tony Leung and Carina Lau.

Carina Lau boasts an incredible property portfolio with her husband Tony Leung.

Carina Lau boasts an incredible property portfolio with her husband Tony Leung.

HONG KONG — Hollywood may have Jay-Z and Beyoncé as its power couple, but Hong Kong boasts a dynamic duo of its own: veteran actors Tony Leung and Carina Lau.

But it’s not just films that they’re famous for. The stars are also known for having a great eye when it comes to investments.

Back in 2013, well-known Chinese entertainment website Changchun Guomao put together a list of rich female Chinese celebrities. Lau topped the list with investments valued at US$100 million (S$135 million), even surpassing mainland China’s most popular actress Fan Bingbing, according to reports. Meanwhile, in 2019, Lau and Leung’s net worth reached US$150 million, as estimated by Sohu.

The pair have bought properties in Shanghai, Hong Kong and other places during their marriage. Sina reported that their downtown Shanghai mansion is worth US$26 million, while Sunday More claimed that the couple also has at least 10 properties in total, valued at a staggering US$115 million.

But there’s one stand-out property that Lau has shared subtle glimpses of on her social media: the May Tower mansion.

Let’s take a peek inside …



Carina Lau’s May Tower mansion in Hong Kong’s Mid-Levels.

Much to fans’ delight, Lau sometimes shares pics of her May Tower mansion in Hong Kong’s Mid-Levels West on Instagram.

HK01 reported that the couple bought the property in 1995. It’s unclear how much Lau and Leung paid for the mansion, but according to China Times, it was worth US$12 million in market value last year.

Carina Lau’s home interiors are swoon-worthy.

Based on photos shared by Lau on her social media, the home’s interiors are tastefully decorated indeed. The living room features deep green walls and the patterned furniture creates a retro aesthetic. It’s all topped off with European-style chandeliers.

According to Mirror Media, a single one of those chandeliers retails for about US$130,000 alone.

There are also large floor-to-ceiling windows, while the balcony looks spacious and looks out onto the glittering Victoria Harbour. We can also spot a desk piled with magazines, books and a gorgeous flower bouquet.

Carina Lau’s Mid-Levels mansion features chandeliers worth up to US$130,000 each.

The dining room features a predominantly black and white palette with an artwork depicting snow-capped mountains next to the main table.

Carina Lau’s dining room is much bigger than a typical one in Hong Kong, of course.

Her home is so ornate, netizens often liken it to a Victorian museum, according to Today Online.


Carina Lau often hosts guests at her lavish May Tower mansion.

Lau has also repeatedly posted photos of her family visiting the May Tower mansion. On Mother’s Day in 2020, she shared a photo of herself and her mother on Instagram.

In the photo, Lau’s mum is seen holding a large bouquet of flowers and has been praised by fans for her youthful looks and natural glow.

Lau also shares photos of her Christmas decorations during the festive season. This year, she posted a pic on Instagram of her towering tree and eagle eyes were quick to spot some of the fancy presents sitting underneath: a bag of Louis Vuitton goodies, for one.


Carina Lau’s mansion is a lavish spot for friendly get-togethers.

Lau, the hostess with the mostest, also invites her inner circle of A-list pals to her home.

Of course, Lau posts photos of the group gatherings, showing herself and her friends hanging out at different parts of her home, from the plush living room to a staircase with an “invisible” glass railing.


Carina Lau and Zhang Ziyi (right) at Lau’s home in Mid-Levels.

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is just one of the famous names on her visitors list.

Lau became popular thanks to her role in the TV series Police Cadet. Yet HK01 states that by the time she was 19 years old in 1985, she already owned a house.

Carina Lau and Tony Leung began dating in the 1980s.
Lau, 57, and Leung, 60, reportedly started dating in 1988, before tying the knot years later in 2008, with their lavish wedding in Bhutan. The two don’t have any children and are still lauded today as one of the city’s most iconic couples. SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST

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